Newsletter — September 2021

Fall, Spooky Season, and W&M Homecoming are upon us -

Happy October! Like someone switched on a light, the cold weather has quickly returned and I’ve found myself in a jacket for the first time in a while. With the mornings chilly and the afternoons warm, we are in for a beautiful Fall in Williamsburg.

In this newsletter, I’m highlighting more items with more brevity for each. Below are a few of the updates from the month of September.

  • Bicycle Friendly Community Survey — The City is currently collecting public input on our bikeability. In 2017, we were designated as a Bicycle Friendly Community for a four-year recognition. This is an accolade we hope to maintain, so this survey will help the City reapply and know just how to accommodate bicyclists for leisure and sport in Williamsburg.
  • Cycle the Commonwealth — Also on biking, I’m happy to say I finished my cycling challenge to cross Virginia in one week! This project was in support of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and finished at 114% of goal ($5,705). Thank you so much to all who donated and provided advice and good vibes along the way! Our final destination was the DoG St Capitol Building, pictured above.
  • Broadband competition — Repeated while I was campaigning, I heard from residents about how much they wished we had broadband provider options. In our September meeting, Council gladly welcomed Shentel as a soon-to-be Cox competitor.
  • Affordable Housing Taskforce, final meeting — I’m happy to say the recommendations of our Taskforce will be in front of Council for our November meeting. In this final discussion, we reviewed our report and prepared it for Council consideration soon.
  • Check out our newly adopted 2021 Comprehensive Plan here!
  • Ride along with WPD — Finally, this past week I enjoyed riding along with Williamsburg Police Department Officer Steve Roberts. The “Ride Along” program is open to anyone curious to learn more about our area and our community policing model.

Thank you for always reading along. Whether a student, long time resident, or passing by tourist, I appreciate your care for our area and I hope you have a lovely October.

With gratitude,


*This newsletter is mine alone and does not represent the full input of Council




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