Newsletter — October 2022

The spookiest day of the year is almost here! In Williamsburg, we’ll be celebrating Halloween on Monday (here are some suggested guidelines) so I thought I’d send this newsletter out a day earlier to highlight the busy, busy start to 2022 fourth quarter.

  • Guest Lecture for Intro to Public Policy — To kick off the month, I had the pleasure of guest lecturing a W&M public policy class (pictured above). Thank you very much to Professor Alan Kennedy and his students for welcoming me to ISC 1221. I touched on the history of younger participation in Wburg politics and the work of Council since I got elected, then we switched to Q&A around the upcoming election and other opportunities for local service. I can’t wait to see what these new students do in our community in the years to come!

That’s all, folks. It was quite a busy month of October and we will have another one in November with adopting the GIOs, holding a school board interest meeting, and an election. Thanks as always for your love and care for our community. I hope you have a wonderful November.

With gratitude,


*This newsletter is mine alone and does not represent the full input of Council



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