Newsletter — March 2022

  1. Tax Reduction — As we are approaching budget season, our Council and municipal staff have been acutely aware of the increased assessed value of real estate and property. Higher tax bills come along with this. As such, our current budget authorizes a decrease in both the real property tax and personal property tax rates of 2 cents (on $100 of assessed value) and 20%, respectively. More information on this is covered in the letter below, which has now been sent to thousands of property owners within the last few days. The entire proposed budget can be found here.
  2. Sustaina-bite — I joined William & Mary’s Office of Sustainability this past month to discuss my passion for the subject. In my full-time job, part-time role on Council, and a few volunteer positions, I’ve tried to make a small impact on addressing climate change. Linked above is a recording of our chat!
  3. Public Art — Months back, Council allocated funding towards new installations of public art. This is a proven way to increase the perceived vibrancy of a town for tourists and residents alike. With this funding came the creation of a Public Art Council to decide which art projects have a characteristic fit with Williamsburg. I’m thrilled to congratulate the Silver Hand Meadery for being our first funded art project! Click the link above for a “streetview” look at the SHM and the triangular wall their team will reimagine. This will soon be(e) our City’s first mural, appropriately dubbed “Flight of the Honeybee.”
  • This newsletter is mine alone and does not represent the full input of Council




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Caleb T. Rogers

Caleb T. Rogers

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