Newsletter — June 2023

Caleb T. Rogers
3 min readJul 8, 2023

This newsletter is coming a tad late, my apologies. The start to July was a hectic one with the holiday, but I’m happy to be briefly reviewing a productive June in today’s newsletter!

  • Lifelong Learning celebration with Literacy for Life — My favorite event this past month was joining Literacy for Life (LfL) at their annual celebration of graduating learners. This organization is focused on quickening the societal transition for those new in our Williamsburg community, which includes recent Ukrainian and Afghan refugees, through English language learning, driving classes, and more. Pictured here are my friends Elie and Mariam. I met their family in the grocery store a year and a half ago, after their emigration from Burkina Faso. With LfL, Elie earned his Commercial Driver’s License and Mariam is studying for her nursing exam. And their three kids are becoming competitive mountain bikers! At the celebration, we got to hear more fully their family’s story and I’m thrilled they have settled so well in Williamsburg.
  • Public Works Director retires — It’s not everyday you retire after a near half-century. In June, we got to thank our outgoing Public Works Director Dan Clayton for his 48 years of service to Williamsburg. Dan was gifted a City flag that flew over the Capitol building for 48 minutes in recognition of his significant service. It was also as full as I have seen our Council chambers in a long time, as many those Dan has positively touched in Williamsburg came to wish him well. Dan, thank you for dedicating your career to bettering this lovely city.
  • VDOT 199 Project — Many will already be familiar with the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) proposed changes to our 199 highway, including a “bowtie” intersection at Jamestown/199 and changes at Strawberry Plains Road and Brookwood. These proposed changes, if accepted by the community and Council, are only to get in VDOT’s project pipeline, actual construction wouldn’t start until 2032. However, after significant input from the public, that attached article outlines Council’s response to VDOT’s proposed plan, including our request to have no roundabout/bowtie intersection at 199.
  • Closed on a house! — Finally, a bit of a personal update. I’m excited to say I closed on a house here in Williamsburg! On June 21st, I completed all necessary paperwork and was flipped over the keys. It’s exciting to be a homeowner in this community I love.

Thank you for reading along. Our City is experiencing the significant heat many communities are, so I hope you’ve found a way to stay cool this summer! Whether it’s in the shade, by the pool, or with a cold drink, I hope you will continue to be safe and enjoy these dog days of summer. As always, please never hesitate to reach out with any comments or concerns.

Yours in service,


*This newsletter is mine alone and does not represent the full input of Council