Newsletter — July 2022

Welcome to H2, Q3, and a new FY… aka this year’s second half, third quarter, and a new fiscal year!

July was a month of excitement for the City. It started with a literal bang in our well-attended Fourth of July fireworks show and it has ended with accolades. Let’s dive in!

  • Fourth of July — Colonial Williamsburg’s annual fireworks show likely hit a record number of attendees this year by CW Creative Director Bill Shermerhorn’s estimate. After a few years of understandably lower attendance, it was a blast (pun-intended!) to welcome back thousands of tourists to mark the historic occasion.

I hope the remainder of the summer will be a relaxing one for you. Thank you, as always for reading along. Please feel free to get in touch with me ( with any questions or comments or ideas!

With gratitude,


*This newsletter is mine alone and does not represent the full input of Council



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