Newsletter — December 2022

Good afternoon!

I am excited to welcome in this new year in just a few days. Beforehand, I thought it would be best to review December before the month is officially over. Read until the end to find Williamsburg’s fun New Year’s Eve plans!

  • State of the City — Every two years, the City Council holds a “State of the City” meeting to update Williamsburg’s residents on current City focuses and future goals. During the pandemic, however, we weren’t able to convene in-person, so we decided to turn this event into a video and release the digital version. That has stuck! In launching this year’s video, we also gave the inaugural Mace Bearer’s award to Jim Joseph, who was recognized for his many years of service to the Neighborhood Council of Williamsburg. Check out the full video above and Jim’s congratulatory video here!

May your 2023 get off to a wonderful start.

With gratitude,


*This newsletter is mine alone and does not represent the full input of Council



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