Newsletter — August 2022

Caleb T. Rogers
3 min readAug 29, 2022

What a month it was in Williamsburg! Rounding out summer, we were busy welcoming businesses into the City, new public art, and certainly our student population back. I hope you have had a lovely end to summer, let’s get into the highlights from August.

  • Mural Unveiling — Longtime readers of this newsletter may remember notes of mine from previous months discussing a public arts initiative in Williamsburg. In February of 2021, we created the Public Arts Council to approve and fund new artistic efforts in the City. Fast forward to today and the Council got to celebrate their first dedication with a beautiful mural (pictured) along what was previously a drab, gray wall (also pictured!). This new note of vibrancy was championed by the team at Silver Hand Meadery and artist Emma Zahren-Newman. I hope you’ll check it out soon.
  • Future Festivals — Every two years, Council convenes to update our GIOs (Goals, Initiatives, and Outcomes). These are long-term projects that we take on to increase our City’s visibility externally and quality of life internally. To get as much public input as possible, our City staff is holding “Future Festivals” for the next month. Believe me, these are not dry meetings… the Festivals are outside with music, free food, and games that tie into City initiatives. Check the link above to find the next Festival in your area!
  • Governor Youngkin Visit — Our Greater Williamsburg Chamber of Commerce welcomed Governor Glenn Youngkin to its inaugural Business Leaders Community Breakfast. The Governor spoke on many topics, with a special emphasis on Virginia’s plethora of workforce opportunities.
  • eMobility — One of the things I campaigned on was bringing electric, short-distance vehicles to Williamsburg. These are commonly seen as Bird/Lime scooters, but also take the form of electric bikes, which we are now seeking a partner in. Ebikes will provide an easy way to traverse the City, but without clogging sidewalks (we are limiting an RFP to a total of 30 Ebikes). I’m excited to see this modern tech locally as an easy electric option for transportation.
  • New Brewery — As for recent ribbon cuttings, a big welcome goes out to the Strangeways Brewery team who just opened up shop at High Street! I got to try some of their beer over the weekend and loved it. Strangeways has a presence in Fredericksburg and Richmond, as well. We are happy to have them local and eager to see their success.

Last but not at all least, August is also the month we say welcome BACK to William & Mary students! Many a neon orientation shirt was seen this past weekend. I’m thrilled to see so many new faces in Williamsburg.

Thank you, as always, for following along. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me ( if you have anything to discuss. I’d love to chat.

With gratitude,


*This newsletter is mine alone and does not represent the full input of Council