Newsletter — April 2022

Happy Sunday, folks!

May is a fantastic month of transitions. Within the next four weeks, most schools will be concluding their academic terms. This is both a thing to celebrate as our own City’s William & Mary will celebrate another graduation, but also because a heavier tourism season always follows. With the pandemic now two years old, but waning in its severity, I am excited for these hotter and busier months to come. Below are a few things that kept us busy this past month.

  • Chesapeake Bay Foundation tour — I had the fortune of visiting Virginia Beach to see the Chesapeake Bay Foundation at its headquarters of the Brock Environmental Center. This is one of the world’s most sustainable buildings, with full energy and water independence. Thank you so much, to the CBF team, for this tour. I loved getting to talk about the Bay’s importance during my bike ride last summer and I so appreciate getting to see your work first hand!
  • Budget Vote — In April’s City Council meeting, we again reviewed the FY2023 budget. In May, we will officially approve the budget. Should you have any questions or comments, please feel free to get in touch with me. You can review the budget (an abridged version) here.
  • Fire station groundbreaking — Last, but CERTAINLY not least is the photo above, the official groundbreaking of our new fire station! This $14.5 million project is a long time coming. Despite a turbulency in raw material prices, our wonderful construction partner David Nice Builders is set on completing this project by the summer of 2023, which will result in a much needed facility upgrade.

I hope the month of May is a bright one for you. Thank you for your care for Williamsburg. If you’ve made it this far in the newsletter, thanks for sticking it out!

Yours in service,


*This newsletter is mine alone and does not represent the full input of Council




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Caleb T. Rogers

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